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BLTT-Bacon, Lettuce, Tater Tot Stackwich

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bltt stackwich

This week many a mom and dad eagerly bid farewell to summer and deposited their children at their local bus stop or front steps of school. Back when I was a kid, back-to-school meant fresh-off-the-rack school clothes, the smell of a new pencil box, Trapper Keepers, meeting up with best friends and deciding whether you were going to have a love or hate relationship with your next grade room teacher. It always took a little while for everyone, parents, teachers, kids alike, to find their groove, but eventually we did, and the dread of starting another school year slowly dissipated like the faint memory of our lazy summers.

Before we prematurely get blasted with pumpkin everything and maybe before kids completely lose touch with reality over this Pokémon GO craze, let’s stop for a moment and celebrate all that is back-to-school, including the food.  There is nothing more quintessential with kids and school than tater tots, but there’s nothing more sublime than an after school snack that’s so crazy delicious, that kids may have to fight mom and dad for the last piece.  Enter the BLTT or the Bacon, Lettuce & Tater Tot Stackwich.  It’s a riff on a classic BLT but with the added awesomeness of thick Texas toast, double layers of crisp and crunchy tater tots and smoked mozzarella cheese. Parents, if ever you questioned how much your kids love you, think of it no more when you present them with this insanely good bargaining chip!  Need to get homework finished? No problem!  Rooms need to get cleaned? Super easy! Eat your vegetables? There’s potato and lettuce in there!  But seriously, if you’ve got any ounce of cool in you, you probably have a bag or two of tots already in your freezer.  So what are you waiting for?! Head on over to the Washington State Potato Commission for the recipe and other great dinner ideas using Washington potatoes.  ‘Cause back-to-school should be easy, fun and delicious.

bltt stackwich

bltt stackwich

bltt stackwich

22 thoughts on “BLTT-Bacon, Lettuce, Tater Tot Stackwich

    • Thanks a bunch, Emily! This would be fun to make together with the kids. If my nieces and nephews lived closer I’d totally get them in on this. They love cooking:)

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