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Make Back-To-School A Breeze

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There’s nothing more familiar with September and back-to-school season than the waning warmth of lazy summer afternoons coming to an end, the smell of lead pencils and the frenzy of parents making quick work of shopping lists for back-to-school supplies.  Okay, maybe kids these days have upgraded from lead pencils to Ipads, but the tradition of anticipation and nervous excitement, whether on the part of the parents or child, remains the same.  Back-to-school signals new schedules and routine and once it all ends each day the question of  “What’s for dinner?” inevitably remains.

Families aren’t cooking at home as much as they used to simply because they don’t have the time, or in some cases, the energy to map out one more thing like meal planning.  I recently overheard a mom say, “I just want someone to tell me exactly what to cook.”  Take out the guesswork and just get something tasty on the table.  Hungry families, I got you covered.

This next recipe, featuring Washington State potatoes, is inspired by the flavors and ingredients of one of my favorite dishes from Spain, the Spanish tortilla.  With your packed schedules and late evenings in mind, I employed a little creative license to minimize the steps and cooking time to make sure this meal comes together in short order.  These hearty hash brown potato and chorizo “tortillas” in miniature include a secret and healthy back-to-school ingredient that adds a little extra nutrition to this already flavorful recipe and those pesky kids will be none the wiser.  Ten minutes to prep, 20 minutes to bake, and if there are any leftovers, this recipes does double duty and makes a great breakfast the next day.  Back-to-school will be a breeze with this deliciously simple recipe.

Visit the Washington State Potato Commission to get this recipe and many others featuring Washington potatoes.  Also, check out Boastful Food’s Kitchen Tips , a quick guide with time and money-saving ideas, including potato storage, and cooking and nutritional tidbits you may be surprised to learn about one of our country’s oldest and prolific vegetables.

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2 thoughts on “Make Back-To-School A Breeze

  1. This is an awesome recipe! I love all things potatoes! On my way to check out the recipe. And I’m happy to report that although ipads come into play, my boys still use a lot of pencils! 😉

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