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Mini Black Forest Chocolate Cheesecakes

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If there is any moment in time when we should stop and give into the consumerism of a holiday, this year let it be Valentine’s Day.

Aside from the overabundance of all things chocolate and heart-shaped, or gold and frilly or shiny and shimmery, February 14th is, first and foremost, a celebration of love.

We don’t celebrate any other human emotion with a holiday.  Why? Because love truly does make the world go round and who couldn’t use some more of that?

So this year, I challenge you to set aside whatever connotations you may have had about this holiday and reinvent some new ones. Remember all the ways love has been kind to you.  Relish in all the ways love has shown up in your life. Be it love of a significant other, friends or family, we all have hopefully experienced the warm embrace that love provides.  When we experience or witness love, it comes without façade.  It gives us hope.  It brings us joy. It can be one of the most powerful emotions we will ever know.  Perhaps that’s why we associate the heart, one of the strongest, most important organs our bodies, to be the symbol for love. When love pulses and beats, it is a force not to be ignored.

Just as incredible as love and our nature to want to celebrate it, are these lovely mini black forest chocolate cheesecakes. I’m a self-proclaimed chocoholic so I knew the only way to honor this holiday and Washington State’s favorite vegetable, the potato, was to unite the two in a creamy, chocolate match made in heaven. Potatoes in cheesecake?! Share these with your loved ones and just see if anyone notices. Cause sometimes love is blind, but blissfully so.  Follow your heart over to the Washington State Potato Commission where you can find the recipe for these mini black forest chocolate cheesecakes and many other heart-warming favorites.

mini black forest cheesecakes

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