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Miso Caramel Potatoes

The following content is sponsored through a partnership with the Washington State Potato Commission.  All opinions expressed are solely those of Boastful Food LLC.

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miso-caramel-potatoesVariety is the spice of life.  I know people who go their entire lives voluntarily structured by their own routines because while it’s true there is comfort in that, there is also a sense of bliss and serenity about being on auto pilot when things around you seem to go haywire.  For others, the idea of such routine makes life lackluster, boring, unexciting even.  These folks willingly choose to fly by the seat of their pants, feeling the adrenaline of the moment, reacting and embracing whatever gets thrown their way.  And then there are those, a little like me, who find themselves identifying with both sides of the coin, from time to time, and allowing a certain amount of patience and ease to take over when necessary.  The point I’m trying to make is that every once in a while, it’s really okay to let your hair down, take a deep breath and not over think things.

My friends at the Washington State Potato Commission are taking such liberties this month with their campaign to do some good in the community and have a little fun while they’re at it.  You see this month, they’d like to get people out to vote on changing the name of WA State’s annual college football game, better known as the Apple Cup, to the Potato Cup.  And why not? We here in Washington State have the incredible fortune of access to  some of the tastiest crops around the world, so why not spread the love and give all of our agricultural darlings a moment to shine? I mean how cool would it be to have the Potato Cup one year, the Cranberry Cup the next year, heck, why not the Cherry Cup? In return, for those who give a shout out to WA potatoes  and the WSU Cougars via this petition, 1 pound of potatoes will be donated to Second Harvest Food Bank in Eastern Washington. With your help, 5,000 pounds of potatoes could help stock the local food pantry shelves this year.  Now if that doesn’t make you smile during this upcoming season of giving, I don’t know what will.

In honor of good spirit and humor, and highlighting the versatility of potatoes, this next recipe for Miso Caramel Potatoes is a bit of a departure from the classics, but quite possibly your new favorite side dish to bring to the holiday dinner table.  A little sweet, a little salty, and with all the same creamy potato flavor you’ve come to know and love, you owe it to yourselves to live a little and give this recipe a try.  Because life’s just not as colorful without a break from tradition every now and again.

Head on over to the Washington State Potato Commission to get in on the fun, the recipe and cast your vote today!




7 thoughts on “Miso Caramel Potatoes

    • That’s so great, Sara! Thank you! I hope you had a chance to check out the WSPC site. Most people think of Idaho as the land of potatoes, but we do some pretty good spud work here in Washington State, too:) Thanks for your comment and for stopping by Boastful Food!

    • Thanks, Valentina! Upgraded to self hosted this year and working through all the spam to find a few comments that got buried. Thanks for always stopping by with a kind and encouraging word:)

    • Yes, Diana!, I agree. Miso is such a complex and delicious ingredient to cook with. Glad you checked out the recipe. Hope you give it a shot when you’re in the mood for something a little different. Thanks for your comment!

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