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Love to cook, but just don’t have the time? Want nutritious meals, but feeling uninspired or unsure when it comes to meal planning?  Tired of eating out every night? Let Boastful Food help.

Hi, my name is Raquel and I have been cooking professionally throughout the Puget Sound area for over nine years, creating delicious food in area restaurants, classrooms and home kitchens.  I’ll take the guesswork out of your weekly meals and ensure that you and your loved ones get a satisfying meal on the table in no time.

My specialty is cooking for busy professionals and small households.  I am versed in many cuisines including seasonal Pacific Northwest, Asian, Latin, Mediterranean, and European, and can adapt meals based on your personal or dietary preferences.

Boastful Food meal service includes weekly meal planning, grocery shopping and homemade meals that rival any local restaurant or upscale grocery store deli. Compared to what you may currently be spending in time, gas, groceries and dining out per month, Boastful Food may just the lifesaver you need to put healthy, delicious and nutritionally-balanced meals on the table for your family. And with your family’s preferences in mind, you can look forward to meals you know will please your palate.

I am a member of the Puget Sound Personal Chefs Group, the International Association Of Culinary Professionals (IACP), and Seattle Toklas Society, a network of women in the food and hospitality industry.  I’m an advocate for quality health and am active in food access and empowerment work through Pike Place Market’s Food Access Project and Project Feast’s culinary training for immigrant and refugee women seeking employment in the food industry.

Boastful Food has meal plans designed with your preferences in mind. For further information and to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact me at, or use the contact form within this page.

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