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Christmas is by far my favorite holiday of the year.  Growing up in Wisconsin, I was fortunate to know what a true white Christmas looked like, all quiet and shimmery as the snow fell soft like feathers.  Our tree would flicker red and green from our living room window and even though we didn’t have a lot, there was always just enough under it for all nine of us.  One year, my mother had the idea to decorate the large pine that stood in our front yard.  My dad, better known as “The Grinch” especially around the holidays, had enough reason this year to be grumpy as he climbed his tallest ladder and painstakingly tied one tiny bow after another to the ends of the tree’s big branches. I think there was a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment in my father’s eyes when he came in from the cold and had us all take a look.  Despite the slope of a hill where the tree was, my father managed to place bows almost to the very top of that tree.  Just this past year when I visited my childhood home I saw that tree again.  It was scraggly and old and hardly as tall and looming as it had seemed all those years before.  It still made me smile to think of that tree, all dressed in bows and the gesture my father made to make my mother happy that Christmas.

I wish sometimes we didn’t wait for the holidays to roll out our best, our family traditions, our efforts to slow down and make time for one another.  It would serve us well to incorporate a little more of this into our everyday and not just save it up for the latter part of the year.  The indulgences, however, that come automatically with the holidays are another story.  The wonderful smells and tastes of family feasts, sugary sweets and confections and party nibbles are probably best enjoyed in moderation. We don’t seem to mind the intricacies and richness of favorite recipes as long as there’s plenty to share with the crowds. This recipe for
po-d’oeuvres is a perfect holiday temptation that fills the kitchen with the aromatic scent of roasting garlic and toasted cumin. These simple roasted baby gold potatoes then get skewered with a soft bit of pepper jack cheese and a perfectly salty Spanish olive. They’re a great cocktail snack to make while wrapping the presents or decorating the tree.  Just be sure to make enough because, like Christmas, these po-d’oeuvres, are here and gone before you know it.

Check out the Washington State Potato Commission for this and other festive holiday recipes and from our family to yours, be safe, be merry and enjoy the holidays!




20 thoughts on “Po-d’ouevres

  1. This looks so yummy!! I popped over to the Washington State Potato site and found the recipe! I cant wait to make this one!! YUM!

    • Awesome and thanks, Amanda! Hope these are a hit at your next get together. I can’t stop eating these delicious little spuds:)

    • Thank you, Valentina! These were a hoot to make and crazy delicious. I’ve made them a few more times since and they were a hit every time. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

  2. I couldn’t agree more with “The wonderful smells and tastes of family feasts, sugary sweets and confections and party nibbles are probably best enjoyed in moderation.” and with that said, this sure is one awesome recipe – so flavor packed!

    • Thanks, Dan! These were a hit and quite addictive. You could even make them without the cheese and olive and serve as a side. Mmm, super tasty!

    • Thanks, Elizabeth:) My parents are the sweetest. 57 years married is nothing to sneeze at! Hope you get a chance to try out these po-d’ouevres.

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