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Potato Poppers

The following content is sponsored through a partnership with the Washington State Potato Commission.  All opinions expressed are solely those of Boastful Food LLC.

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There are many “marriages made in heaven” when it comes to delicious food parings.  Wine and cheese, pizza and beer, pancakes and eggs. Whether they be the creation of intention or accident, these foods satisfy a curious and anticipated craving in our brains and our bellies.  They are legendary, and we can’t get enough of them.

This time of year, sports fans huddle in crowded parking lots, braving the elements to enjoy a legendary American past time known as tailgating.  Indeed tailgating is an artform in which many classic culinary creations have been born. One such savory bite is the jalapeño popper.  Stuffed with cream cheese and wrapped in bacon, these smoky and spicy eats are just the thing to take the edge off before kick-off.

But you know what makes a true classic great? Potatoes! Imagine the jealous stares from nearby grillmates when you pull these potato poppers off the grill. Filled with creamy baby gold potatoes, a double whammy of flavor from sharp cheddar and cream cheeses and wrapped in thick-cut alderwood smoked bacon, these are not your ordinary popper. If you truly want to make an impression this tailgate season, load a few of these into your cooler and watch out! You may just be so enamored and consumed by their deliciousness that you’ll miss the final play.

Get this legendary recipe for potato poppers by visiting the Washington State Potato Commission today!




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    • Thanks, Brian for always leaving such great comments. Sorry hope this isn’t a duplicate replay. Upgraded to self hosted this year and finding the real comments from the spam has been a bit of a hassle. Hope to change that in the New Year. Well wishes to you and yours and hope you’re enjoying something tasty for the New Year’s Eve celebrations ahead.

    • Yeah, Natalie, these are a hit at any event where men and sports and perhaps a beer or two might be present:) Hope you got a chance to try them out on him and he enjoyed them.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! It’s vegetable on vegetable fun:) But seriously, potatoes, bacon and cheese. No brainer deliciousness.

    • Thanks, Elizabeth! These were so good, I’ll definitely be keeping them in regular rotation, sports season or no sports season:)

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