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Purple Potato Poppers

The following content is sponsored through a partnership with the Washington State Potato Commission.  All opinions expressed are solely those of Boastful Food LLC.


The cinnamon-scented pine cones have arrived at the storefronts, along with the fresh evergreen Christmas wreaths. Autumn is rapidly disappearing, giving way to a merrier, festive time of year. November signals the start of our favorite eating holidays, like Thanksgiving and Christmas, all wrapped up salty and sweet, with bows and glitter and a few of our other favorite past times, too.

If you haven’t been keeping score, it’s almost time for the Washington Apple Cup. A tradition as anticipated as Black Friday. Only, aside from watching players and people smash into each other for a common goal, there’s some cheer to be had for the drinks and the snacks that can factor into this game.  When you’ve had your fill of leftover turkey sandwiches, the best thing to excite the palate is a tailgate cold one and a few grab-n-go snacks like these purple potato poppers.  These are not your ordinary popper.  Loaded with zesty pepper jack cheese and creamy purple potatoes, these poppers are just what you need to wash down that victory, whatever team takes home the prize.  And, did I mention they’re rolled in irresistible, thick-cut potato chips?  Yes, Virginia, there really is a Santa Claus.

Boastful Food had a great time teaming up with our favorite Washington partner in all things potato for this recipe.  Check out the Washington State Potato Commission and get the recipe for these purple potato poppers just in time for game day!

purple potato poppers

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