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Roasted Rosemary & Butternut Potato Bites

The following content is sponsored through a partnership with the Washington State Potato Commission.  All opinions expressed are solely those of Boastful Food LLC.


The holidays can put a lot of pressure on us this time of year. One, there’s the obligation to always be merry and jolly. Two, the sheer consumerism of the holiday weighs on us with its “must buy, must get, must give something of grand extravagance.” Three, not even does the wafting smell of Thanksgiving turkey get turned into leftovers, and we’re already out chopping down forests of Christmas trees to strap to our cars and trim with lights and ornaments. It’s a glittery-gold shimmer of madness that secretly makes us yearn for the ball to drop come December 31st. And yet, year after year, we blindly follow and give into the season, perhaps hoping to out do ourselves and make the next year just that more memorable.

Well, if you’re like me and you actually enjoy the holidays for what they can truly be about, this time of year is a time to remember to slow things down a bit, take joy in that first sip of hot chocolate, warm your toes by the roaring fire as you watch your tree’s lights twinkle. It’s about the little things for me. Making cookies for all the students in my favorite cooking class. Cooking a nice holiday meal for a family in need. Reminding myself that despite my apparent challenges and pitfalls of things this year, I am healthy, I am loved and I still have my wits about me.

In the same vein of keeping things simple, I created this delicious appetizer that won big reviews with the Boastful Food faithful taste testers.  If you like a buttery, roasted baby potato, this recipe for Roasted Rosemary & Butternut Potato Bites is all that and then some.  You see, unlike many who have moved on from Thanksgiving, I wanted to continue celebrating the flavors of rosemary and roasted squash just a little longer.  Toss in some parmesan and some crunchy panko bread crumbs and now you’ve got a tasty and twinkly little holiday treat for all those upcoming holiday parties.

So spread a little love and joy in the kitchen this holiday and head on over to the Washington State Potato Commission for the recipe today!

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