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Seasoned Fries & Delicious Dips: The Great American Love Story

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Sometimes life’s little indulgences have to come without any guilt.  Some treats, like french fries, are just made to be enjoyed that way.  I dare you to think of a better way to squelch a midnight craving than to cradle a crinkly bag of golden, hot, crisp, salty french fries.  The potato is one vegetable that has survived all the fads and food trends and actually continues to be one of the most popularized foods constantly manipulated into new and tasty transformations.  But french fries, now there’s a classic.  No matter how you dice it, when potato meets hot oil, there’s a simple, beautiful magic that happens.  Faces brighten, mouths salivate, and we are transported to a time and place in Anytown, USA when life was just that easy.

Like Bogart and Bacall, the marriage of fry and ketchup is also legendary.  Potatoes and tomatoes, how could you go wrong? Sometimes, creative license creeps in and things can get pretty interesting.  After all, every true romance need a little spice from time to time.  With that inspiration in mind, that’s exactly what I ventured to do with these next recipes.  The easiest part, most of the ingredients can be found  in your refrigerator or spice rack.  And the fries, get out!  Have you seen how many shapes and types are now in the frozen food aisle of your local grocery store?  I’m convinced, there’s a french fry out there for everyone.

But don’t let me come between you and your one true craving.  Head on over to the Washington State Potato Commission this “Fry Day” for the rest of this delicious love story, where you can find two great recipes to get you started.  Old Bay Seasoned Fries & Cocktail Cream Sauce and Malt Vinegar Crinkle Cut Fries & Jalapeño Dill Dip might just be the beginning of a very, beautiful friendship.

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15 thoughts on “Seasoned Fries & Delicious Dips: The Great American Love Story

  1. Fries are the perfect dipper. I can’t resist dipping them in everything…ketchup, chipotle mayo, honey mustard and I’m going to have to try jalapeno dill dip. Sounds like lunch tomorrow is going to have to include some french fries.

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