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Terror Tots


terror tots

Everyone thinks Christmas is a magical time, but the truth is Halloween brings with it the best memories, sights, smells and sounds. It’s a pity it’s here and gone so soon, like the cascading of Fall leaves that quickly dry and crumble at our feet this time of year. Who doesn’t remember those chilly childhood evenings when the scariest thing about running through your neighborhood trick-or-treating was if you were going to get the fabled apple with the razor blade in it or rocks at the bottom of your pillow case instead of candy. From getting our parents to help make up our favorite costumes, to becoming a superhero for a day, there is great joy and fantasy that gets played out every year in this tradition of transforming ourselves into something different for a day. We really should take that to heart and try to infuse a little of that spirit into our everyday. Life would surely promise to be a little more colorful for sure.

Pumpkin is all the rage this time of year, so much so that we suffer our love-hate relationship with it as we dream of our pumpkin spiced lattes in July but bemoan the pumpkin Oreos and other crazy combinations of foods that should never live to see the light of day. How could I not get on the bandwagon and add my interpretation?

Terror tots are one part devilish delight with a dash of curry-spiced pumpkin genius. Oh and did I mention, cheese? Like the fleeting ghosts that breeze through this time of year, these tots won’t last long, so head on over to the WA State Potato Commission to get the recipe. The ghouls and goblins in your life will be eternally grateful.

terror tots terror totsterror tots

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